How It Works

Each month the experts at Sharecuterie curate a selection of three charcuterie items, two cheeses, plus accompaniments and crackers. Everything you need to create a delicious, well-rounded, charcuterie board, complete with a variety of flavors and textures.

In each box, our charcuterie selections are a mixture of items from three main groups; whole muscle cuts, salamis and spreadable meats. The whole muscle cuts we serve include items like prosciutto, bresaola, coppa, and lonza, to name a few. For the salamis, we mix up the flavors from month to month. Sometimes mild, and in other months spicier or with exotic essences, depending on what pairs well with the rest the box. Spreadable meats like patés, terrines and rillettes are also included in many boxes. Every box contains three different charcuterie selections.

The cheeses comes in a variety of styles, flavors and textures. We are always taking into consideration the how the cheese will pair with the meats being served. Within a given month you can expect to receive two cheeses of one of the following types; aged, firm, creamy, crumbly, mild or strong on flavor.

The accompaniments in the box are sweet and salty items that are meant to be paired with the charcuterie and/or cheese. They’re provided to enhance the flavor of one or more of the items in the box. The sweet and salty accompaniments you can expect to find in each month’s box include things like jams, honey, dried fruit, nuts, pickles and olives. Finally, flatbread crackers or baguette crostinis are included in the box, primarily to be used used a a delivery vessel for the charcuterie and cheese.

The idea is that a Sharecuterie monthly subscription comes with everything you need to plate a delicious, well-balanced, interesting, charcuterie board. Each month’s box comes with a write up on pairing and serving instructions, along with descriptions of the meats and cheeses you will be enjoying in that month’s selection. That way you can be the expert in front of all your friends.

Each item in the box is individually packaged and are usually between 2 oz to 8 oz in size. The whole box will serve 4 to 6 people.