November 2018

Gobble 'Til You Wobble 

Sharecuterie November 2018


Zoe’s Meats - Turkey Salami

This gourmet uncured turkey salami is made with high-quality dark turkey meat and an infusion of Pinot Noir wine & garlic. Pair with the Beehive Apple Walnut Smoked cheese.

Europa Charcuterie - Lonza

Lonza Affumicata is made in a time-honored tradition by cold-smoking with beech, cherry and hickory woods and marinating with simple spices. Pair with the Beehive Apple Walnut and wash it down with some red.

Underground Meats - Sobrasada

Sobrasada is a spreadable salami that traces its roots to the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain. Made with ground pork, smoked paprika, cayenne, cascabel chile, guajillo chile. This Spanish-style spreadable concoction is here to add a bit of spice to your board. Spread it on a crisp solo, or stack on some cheese if your adventurous side consumes you.


Beehive Cheese - Apple Walnut Smoked

The folks at Beehive Cheese never seem to stop buzzing about and turning out new and exciting blends of cheese to fit any occasion and season. This Apple Walnut Smoked compliments the Turkey Salami beautifully with its sweet-nutty flavor and hints of smoke. 

Brie Claudel

Made with care in the inspiring Normandy region of France, renowned for its exceptional quality of milk. This bloomy-rind soft cheese has an inviting flavor and is the perfect addition to any holiday cheese board. Brie is best enjoyed with something sweet, and we suggest drizzling on some honey and spreading on a crisp.


  • Poppy Seed Crisps
  • Marcona Almonds 
  • Honey