March 2018


At Sharecuterie, we don’t give a hot dang about sports…except when “big games” lead to gatherings of people where snacks are served and shared. We rigorously test every morsel that goes into our box for deliciousness. We tirelessly perform head-to-head challenges of taste and texture until we create our own fabulous five meats and cheeses for each box (we like to think of the accoutrements as the cheerleaders). Whether you devour this month’s sampling with friends while watching the national championship, or just dive right in today, we hope you love the dream team of charcuterie that we have assembled for you. So, yay meat and go sports!


You know we flip for a spreadable salami, and this artisanal Chicago treat is giving us a lot of good vibes. Slightly spicy from the Calabrian peppers used in production, this balanced beauty is lovely with a smear of St. André and raspberry preserves- or if you really want to blow your mind, try putting on a grilled cheese sandwich! We recommend a crisp Spanish white or a nice pinot noir to compliment this fierce flavor combo.


Chorizo’s feisty flavor turns every plate into a party. A time honored recipe from Spain, but handmade right here in the US of A. All you need to do is let this slightly smoky and sweet salami warm up to room temperature and enjoy! Try with a light bodied beer such as a lager, pilsner or wheat beer.


This Prosciutto Piccante is cured then rubbed down with a balanced blend of fennel, sea salt, and red chilies that deepens the meat's earthy sweetness. The heat is subtle, and deserves to be paired with an equally unique cheese like Gjestost or St. André. These funky fresh cheeses have extra edge that creates some complexity on the palate that we think you’re really gonna like.


Norway's traditional brown, fudge like cheese is made from a blend of cow and goat milk. The unique sweet taste is created by the natural caramelization of the milk sugar in the cheese. We are vibing this almost desert-like cheese on a croccantini with a shaving of chocolate.


St André is a triple crème soft-ripened cheese covered with a satiny edible rind. Rich & buttery with a clean lactic bite. The downy white outer layer offers a complex counterpoint to the ultra rich and dense center. The salty tang comes from the ocean air blowing through the pastures of the Normandy coast. We like the sweetness of the preserves to balance the richness of this cheese.


  • Chocolove 70% Dark
  • Raspberry Preserves
  • Croccantini