February 2018


It’s February, and in some parts of the country, that means it’s winter. Grey, cold, soul crushing winter…that a certain weather-predicting rodent suggested was sticking around a little longer. Darn you, Phil! Here at sharecuterie, we’re always down for a party, so we threw together a box of delights this month to warm your soul and cure what ails ya. Crack open your favorite potent potable and settle in for a board of tasty treats to thaw the icicles off your soul!


This salami is delicious, PERIOD. It is nicely meaty and pleasantly spicy with a well-balanced touch of chili and pimenton. It’s the kind of tasty you can’t argue with, and is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, making it an excellent choice for the BIG GAME.  La Quercia gives us even more to love with their commitment to using humanely-raised heritage pork. This Borsellino is lovely alongside the Bellavitano and an ice cold pilsner.


We’re flippin’ the script in the new year and bringing you BEEF.  Bresaola is a salt-cured and air-dried beef. Unlike most other cured meat products, Bresaola is extremely lean, with little or no marbling. Sweet and aromatic with a deep ruby-red color, it is gorge on its own, or extra-special served carpaccio-style by drizzling some EVOO, lemon and cracked black pepper. It also pairs perfectly with the delicious Bellavitano.


This rich and buttery beaut’ is inspired by a recipe from the mountainous Brianza region in Northern Italy. The Crespone is seasoned with pepper, garlic and sherry wine, then stuffed into natural casing and slow aged for an especially tender texture and 'country style' taste. We like the acidity of an olive to simmer us down after savoring this bite.


If our addiction to Bellavitano is wrong, we don’t wanna be right. This cheese is a uniquely American blend of cheddar and parmesan styles, finished with a citrus ginger rub. The rind’s contrast to the cheese brings out a lovely and subtle umami taste. The Bellavitano is both sweet and savory, with a lingering nutty note.


BABY CHEESE! If you can bear to eat this little cutie pie, we loved the apricot preserves with it, naturally. Jam on cheese is our jam. This soft ripened cheese is rich and smooth. Let this puppy warm up to see it’s soft center stretch. The flavor is mild and buttery, with some earthiness and a silky mouthfeel- it’s fantastic on a crunchy crisp.


  • Chili Garlic Olives
  • Apricot Preserves
  • Sabine's Baguette Crisps