August 2018

Welcome to the SUNDAY OF SUMMER!

August 2018 Sharecuterie Board


Columbus - Dry Coppa

We all know prosciutto, we all love prosciutto, but there's also COPPA, and it can do all the wonderful things that prosciutto can. Aged and dried 45 days, this savory pork shoulder is soaked in red wine and rubbed with salt and spices. It's tender, it's fragrant, it's your comfort food for these dog days of summer. Try it on one of Olina's Sesame Wafers and pair it with either a glass of pinot noir or a cool pale ale. 

LaQuercia - Spicy Borsellino Salami

A richly spiced salami that can be paired, snacked on, or sings as the center of attention. The spicy Borsellino is aged 2 months and spiced with Spanish pimenton and red chili. On these hot summer days it will make your insides match your outsides, it's PERFECT. You can tone it down with the sweetness of Bonne Maman Fig Preserves or turn it up with the spiciness of Big John's Cajun Wedges from Beehive

'Nduja Artisans - Cremosa Tartufata Spreadable Truffle Salamia

This decadent spread is a show-stopper. Made with black truffles from Savini, you may want to savor this treat solo on a simple crisp as to not distract from its Truffle-Shuffle. 


Beehive Cheese Co. - Big John's Cajun

A cajun-spiced cheese made from the milk of Jersey cows in Northern Utah? Who does this cheese think it is? Its creamy texture is complemented by the punch of cayenne pepper as you near the rind. Tone down the spice with the fig preserves. Wash it down with your favorite medium-bodied red or a flute of champagne. 

Castello - Creamy Blue

A creamy cheese that waits a moment to remind you that it is indeed a blue. It is tender and mild near the front of your tongue and releases its beery blue bitterness as you swallow. We like it with a hearty nut like a walnut, and you know we never met a cheese + jam remix we didn't love. This puppy goes down well with a pint of a pale ale. 


  • Dijon-style grain mustard
  • Mini toasts

Drink Pairings

  • Pale Ale
  • Pinot Noir
  • Champagne