Happy 2018 From Sharecuterie

Sure, the holidays are over. You made it through the onslaught of cheap candy on Halloween. Over Thanksgiving, you remixed turkey leftovers more times than R. Kelly’s Ignition. The whole month of December was a hazy hangovered blur of family gatherings and comfort food until you spend your last bit of dietary dignity to ring in the new year. 

Time to throw in the towel? NEVER! Okay, okay, maybe turn the dial off of eleven, check yourself into a workout class or 10, and let the blood sugar fall into a safe range. Just because your New Year’s resolution was to check yourself before you riggidy wreck yourself does not mean the friends stop calling, the gatherers stop gathering, and the haps stop happening. Life goes on, as does the party, and you still need reasons to stay indoors but also feel social.

Sharecuterie has got you covered. We are cooking up* a fresh batch of tasty every month and delivering a curated “board” directly to your door (*no we don’t actually cook). Step one, open the front door and invite those delicious meats and cheeses inside. Step two, pop the top off that box and admire what's inside. Step three, dust off your favorite cheese board and festoon it with this month's Sharecuterie offerings. Step four, call your best mates, tell them you are Julia Child’s child and you’ve inherited her culinary gift.

As your friends arrive, their jaws will promptly hit the floor when they witness the glorious spread you’ve prepared, making it easy for you to insert the meats and cheeses. Be warned, word will travel fast throughout the neighborhood, and your street cred, or meat cred, as we like to say, will enter the stratosphere.

Tis the season to bring the party indoors. And why not into your own doors? Its familiar territory, much easier to make the right impression. Picture this, a friend asks for an extra cheese knife, without a look you procure your finest with a quick flourish and they’re back to spreading brie without missing a beat.

No need to talk over the music, its your home, set the volume where you’d like it or turn it off and let raucous conversation prevail. Can’t reserve a table? I sure hope you can in your own kitchen. Don’t care for the selection? You’re favorite cocktail is waiting in your liquor cabinet and Sharecuterie is at your doorstep. You’re the champion of your own room.

 Who needs a holiday? I think you’ll find friends are always ready to get together if you give them a reason to. If you’re desperate, there’s always Presidents Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Saturday Eve, and National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (January 29th).